Volume I

by Secret Ceremonies

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Secret Ceremonies is a split album consisting of 6 forward-thinking South African bands, contributing one song respectively. Each track is exclusive to this release.


released January 30, 2015

Mastered by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden Recording Studio
Emblem by Reuben Sawyer of Rainbath Visual
Artwork by Kevin Gan Yuen of Viraloptic




Secret Ceremonies Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: Wildernessking - Soundless Longing
Downtrodden, what follows you again?
The same old face pining for more
Beautiful in that misery I know so well
I guess my letter didn’t resonate

You’ve unleashed your hounds
They’ve barked at the moon
Full circle ritual
I drop my head in shame
In time soon to forget

And we’ll meet again
The devil knows where
Take flight
A soundless longing

The leather of your skin
The grace of your curve
I’m writhing
A soundless longing

Too many days you weep
Too many nights we’ve seen
The same
Staring at the ceiling

Too many days you weep
Too many nights we’ve seen
The end
The stars don’t align
Track Name: Peasant - Coexist
Obsessed with wealth,
yet bankrupt morally
blinded by a sense of superiority
Belief of entitlement as human beings -
entwined with the detriment of all living things

Why are we here, fucking up everything?

Compassion is swept beneath the carpet
by unkind hands severed from their conscience,
to celebrate a life without fear of consequence
We can hear choirs singing, those well refined alibis,
while hell on earth is realized.

The food chain became the chains of slavery
Why is innocence living caged in suffering?
Track Name: Nihil - Celestial
I will depart from this Prologue of my existence
Death, an essential role on my path to transcendence
The vast black waits for me to depart
Immortality is reached, I will become eternal light.

Come death, Come disease, there is no need for cure
Rot and decay - imperative on my path
There is no conclusiveness in my death
Only a departure from a mortal vessel

Omnipresent - We fade into black
Omnipresent - We're born into light

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